AccuQuilt go! Cutter event

May 17, 2019 – May 18, 2019 all-day

Check out the amazing Go! Cutter HERE

Friday May 17th 10-12 is the “Cut Time Quilt More”

Friday May 17th 2-4 is “Go! Beyond the Basics”

Saturday May 18th 10-12 is another “Cut Time Quilt More” You can attend multiple classes if you are really excited about it! The cost is $10 (per class) to register and you will be given a $10 (per class) upon arrival. The “Cut Time Quilt More” is more of an entry level demo, but even if you have a Go!Cutter already there is always something to learn. The “Go! Beyond the Basics” demo is the follow up to “Cut Time Quilt More” so it is good for people who already have a Go! Cutter or people who have done the First Demo and are hungry for more.